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Unable to attend one of our training courses?  

Then why not let us bring the training to you!

On-site training courses are ideal when training is required for a group of three or more learners. The course is delivered in familiar surroundings using the actual Policies and evidence the learners use on a day to day basis.

There are no expenses associated with travel or accommodation. All that is needed is a quiet room of a size suitable for the number of learners being trained.   

The advantage of on site training is that we can utilise your documentation e.g. Policies and Procedures, Staff files, Patient files etc. (to conduct a mock inspection throughout the day) to generate an Action Plan.

The on site course covers the following:
  • Introduction

    History of CQC and who is registered

    • Overview of why CQC was created, the errors made in the early days and why the new assessment Framework came about
    • Interactive session for staff to identify who is registered with CQC


    Understanding the inspection model

    What are the 11 Fundamental standards?

    • Group activity mapping the old Outcomes to the new Standards

    The 5 Questions being asked as part of the Inspection.

    • Group activity - Mapping the new standards to the 5 Questions

    Evidence Matrix

    • Group session identifying evidence that now demonstrates compliance for the 5 Questions

    KLOE – key Lines of Enquiry

    • How to get the most out of them
    • Why staff matter and How to prepare them

    Writing an Effective ‘Provider Information Collection’ (PIC) by utilising:

    • The journey of the patient/Service user
    • The Evidence Matrix
    • Identifying what you do Above and Beyond

    How to conduct mock Inspections

    • Understanding SOFI (Short Observational Framework for Inspections)
    • How to carry out Observational Audits / reviews (using a CQC Inspectors methodology and guidance material)
    • In Pairs identify areas for improvement and the root cause from the video

    On the day of inspection

    • First Impressions Matter
    • Time to Showcase your good work
    • Introductions (Who are the Inspection team?)
    • General house-keeping for everyone
    • Have staff available
    • How to interact with the inspecting team
    • What if an inspector asks to talk to you?
    • What if the inspecting team pick up an issue?

    After the inspection


    • Team brief
    • 48 Hour Rule

    Waiting for the Report

    • Ratings
    • Characteristics of Each of the 4 Ratings
    • How often you will be Inspected

    Draft Report

    • 10 days to comment on factual accuracy only

    Hints and Tips for achieving Outstanding

    • What constitutes outstanding?
    • Sharing Best Practice
    • Getting the most from the CQC Website

Green Maze courses are delivered in such a way so as to promote a relaxed and friendly learning environment.  Discussion, question and answer sessions, exercises and the use of case studies are all utilised to ensure learners are engaged and involved.

On site training starts at £850 for up to 5 people. For larger groups please complete the below form for a quotation.

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 Telephone: 0191 234 22 33